FIG. 304 - Worm Drive Composite Clamp

A full range of composite and stainless steel worm drive clamps suited for any type of hose, from rubber to plastic, in any industry. Fast, simple and safe assembly.Enables the closing of clamps of many diameters. Allows for even distribution of clamping pressure.

FIG. 306 - HD Stainless Steel Bolted Clamp

A full range of heavy and medium-duty clamps for any type of hose, from rubber to plastic. Designed for use in applications where hose clamps must meet stringent requirements. Heavy and medium-duty Clamps have exceptionally high levels of band tensile force.They are easy to install. Manual, pneumatic or electrical tools can be used.

FIG. 309 - SSN Coupling

The SSN Pipe Couplings were designed in collaboration with the plumbing industry, to provide a robust product to join and repair cast iron pipes and fittings, but they may also be used on PVC pipes.


Aluminium camlock couplings are quick connect, fluid transfer hose fittings that can be used across many applications, including water, petroleum and chemicals. Lightweight and easy to use, these quality camlocks feature aluminium handles that fold down into a secure fit. In our extensive range, you will find end fittings available in Male BSPT, Hose Tail Female BSP and protective Dust Caps.

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For a trusted fit keep it tight with OYA® hose clamps

The extra strength OYA® Hose Clamp has a 6.5Nm breaking torque, corrosion resistant qualities and uniform clamping that stops leaks. OYA® offers both a Composite and Full Stainless Steel alternative in a full range of sizes. OYA® Hose Clamps are suited for marine, industrial, automotive, agricultural, plumbing and garden applications. The tough construction and stainless steel band provides a hose clamp that is not only extremely durable but also corrosion resistant. OYA® Hose Clamps are also available in a Medium Duty and Heavy duty range for more demanding applications.These Bolted Hose clamps have a threaded bolt action which prevents any form of stripping as seen in worm type clamps.