A full range of composite and stainless steel worm drive clamps suited for any type of hose, from rubber to plastic, in any industry. Fast, simple and safe assembly.
Enables the closing of clamps of many diameters. Allows for even distribution of clamping pressure.

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Product Dimensions

Dimension Table

304/CO00814 - 27mm
304/CO01214 - 32mm
304/CO01617 - 38mm
304/CO02019 - 44mm
304/CO02425 - 51mm
304/CO02832 - 57mm
304/CO03238 - 63mm
304/CO03644 - 70mm
304/CO04051 - 76mm
304/CO04457 - 82mm
304/CO04863 - 89mm
304/CO05271 - 95mm
304/CO05678 - 102mm
304/CO06084 - 108mm
304/CO06491 - 114mm
304/CO06895 - 121mm
304/CO072105 - 127mm
304/CO080117 - 140mm
304/CO084121 - 146mm
304/CO088127 - 152mm

Technical Data

Suitable Applications:
Marine, Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural, Plumbing , Irrigation