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The extra strength OYA® Hose Clamp has a 6.5Nm breaking torque, corrosion resistant qualities and uniform clamping that stops leaks.
OYA® offers both a Composite and Full Stainless Steel alternative in a full range of sizes.  OYA® Hose Clamps are suited for marine, industrial, automotive, agricultural, plumbing and garden applications. The tough construction and stainless steel band provides a hose clamp that is not only extremely durable but also corrosion resistant.
OYA® Hose Clamps are also available in a Medium Duty and Heavy duty range for more demanding applications.These Bolted Hose clamps have a threaded bolt action which prevents any form of stripping as seen in worm type clamps.


For a trusted fit keep it tight with OYA® hose clamps